Japanese supercar tuner Liberty Walk has just perfected the Ferrari 458 Italia

Japanese tuner Liberty Walk has spent the last few years building up a reputation for nailing some of the hottest body kits for cars ranging from BMW M3s to Lamborghini Gallardos. Last summer, they tempted us with a preview of their Ferrari 458 Italia kit. They’ve finally finished it, just in time for SEMA 2013. This is it:

Liberty Walk

Liberty Walk

It’s at the same time kinda rough — as with all LB Works kits you can see the rivets — and it’s also super-sleek. Without lowering it too much, they’ve managed to take the 458 Italia from one of the worlds most exotic supercars and managed to transform it into something downright sinister, in a “yeah, I totally own this in my video game life” sense.

Let us know what you think, though. Is this rad, or just another supercar tuner?

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